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My style is very candid and non-obtrusive. I love to observe my subjects and capture them in a very natural, honest and uncontrived way.

I’m Yama

I can still remember the day of my wedding as if it was yesterday. It was one of the most exciting, nerve-wracking and at the same time beautiful days of my life. But unfortunately we had very bad luck with our photographer and were very disappointed.

That's why five years ago I decided to become a wedding photographer and videographer. I want to give couples what I missed so much on my own wedding day: an honest, friendly and authentic relationship. I want to make sure they can relive their wedding forever in beautiful pictures and videos over and over again. To remember that day fondly.

On your wedding day, you need to be able to rely on someone who understands you and can relate to your nervousness and excitement. Someone who makes you feel like everything will be okay, even when things get hectic and chaotic. Someone who knows how important this day is to you and will do everything they can to make it memorable.

I know what it's like to be in front of the camera and be nervous. That's why I promise that I will not only photograph you, but I will also make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We will laugh together, be silly and celebrate the day as it should be.

On your wedding day, I want you to relax and enjoy the moment. Let me help you make this day one of the best of your life.

Curious how I do it? Write me. I look forward to hearing from you.



I seek connection, the relationships, the laughs, the real you

& real me.


My wedding day was finally here. I was standing there, super nervous and just didn't know what to do. My wife was no different. She was extremely tense and stressed. Well, you usually get married once in your life, so of course you have no experience. That makes it all the more important to have people around you on that day who have been through it many times and can reassure you with their experience and show that you have everything under control.

I made my passion my vocation. I knew that there were more people like me and that they deserved not only to have beautiful memories of the most beautiful day of their lives, but also to be well accompanied in the whole process. In such a way that you feel that a friend accompanies you and stands by your side. Stress and tension relieved and professionally accompanied so the whole that you would not have to worry about anything. This friend I would like to be for you.


NOT...! 🙂

Behind the camera I am better-promised 🙂

Interview WITH Yama

I grew up in Düsseldorf and graduated from high school here. Besides photography, my heart also beats for football. I was an active player for a long time and played for Fortuna for several years.

After I had my Abitur in my pocket in 2005, I emigrated to Australia for one year. It was a wild year and one that I will never forget. Germany is home for me, Australia is my dream country. It was also exactly the time when I wanted to go to Berlin to study film production. But in the end I didn't dare to go through with it. In 2008 I started studying International Business and Management at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. In 2014, I successfully completed my master's degree at the University of Wuppertal. In addition to my studies, I traveled the world a lot during this period and studied and lived in the USA, Argentina and India, among other places. At the same time I did many internships. In the end I started my own business.


The camera was already as a child my best and loyal friend. Professionally I photograph for 5 years. Film came a little later. In 2021 I started studying digital film production at the SAE in Cologne. The best decision of my life. 2023 and so currently, I am going through the wedding season with Jenny Egerer Photography to learn from someone who has been in the business for many years and is one of the top 10 photographers in Germany/Austria and Switzerland.

Who is inspiring you?

There are a few people who inspire me and whom I look up to.

1. Jenny Egerer: First and foremost, I have to mention a very special person: Jenny Egerer! Meeting Jenny was really fate and the universe wanted to bring us together. Jenny was the wedding photographer at the wedding of one of my very good friends a few years ago. The click was instantaneous. I celebrate Jenny for the wonderful soul that she is. I have a hard time putting into words what a great person she is. I love her work to pieces. There really are a lot of photographers out there. But Jenny is Jenny. She is my mentor, friend, soulmate and pure inspiration. More about Jenny on her website: Jenny Egerer

2. Quentin Tarantino: an absolute inspiration when it comes to movies and screenplays.

3. my father: when it comes to taking life as it comes and still always staying strong and positive and just keep going, my father is my role model.


With the wedding photography I already live my dream and work every day to become even better. But since I also discovered my love for writing, the absolute big dream is of course to shoot a feature film or write the script for it one day.

Is there anything else about you that we should know?

Actually, I've already told you a lot. Oh yes, one thing: I am also a hypnosis coach. If anyone needs hypnotherapy, I'm here 😁. All kidding aside. Yes, I am a hypnosis coach, no I don't provide therapy. I use hypnosis myself and can only recommend it to everyone when it comes to working through trauma, releasing blockages and discovering and realizing your potential.


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"Best wedding photographer in Düsseldorf"

"The most talented photographer!!! My pictures are sooo beautiful. I am really happy with his work. He really is the best at what he does!!!" An absolute recommendation! We felt extremely comfortable and had a blast. It was like having a good friend accompany us that day. Can absolutely recommend his."
Nilo & Bahram

Wedding photographer with a lot of heart

We can recommend Yam as a wedding photographer! He provided us with a diverse selection and captured the atmosphere on location very well. We were lucky with the weather, so the couple photos outside in daylight turned out very nice. So we can highly recommend Yam.
Cate & Dominik

Photographer with charm

"Yam is a really great photographer who was allowed to accompany our wedding! Not only his pictures are really great, he himself also scores with charm, appropriate clothing and ideas for the photos. For this, we had several conversations with him so that he could perfectly adjust to the day's schedule." Absolute recommendation.
Madlaine & Tobias

Moved to tears

"Unbelievable! Yam managed to capture in a video our special day without losing any emotions and moments. It's just beautiful and moved us to tears as if we were reliving the day." Both the conversations and on the wedding day, we really felt very good with Him
Ines & Leon

A priceless gift

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the first pictures. They turned out beautiful and we can't thank you enough for just being there for us all day. When we saw the first pictures, we really realized how precious it really is to have such beautiful photos.
Really 1000 thanks for this priceless gift, we were moved to tears.
Lale & Waldemar

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